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Do you think a sunflower starts out each morning worried if it’s the same height as the other sunflowers? 


That beautifully bright sunflower raises it’s little sunflower head, turns it’s little sunflower face towards the sun, and carries on with living it’s best sunflowery life.

My name is Bec and I want to live the brightest sunflowery life I possibly can! Are you with me?

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Real life isn’t all Instagram filters and scripted captions. Life is spontaneous, beautiful, ugly, and REAL!

A World Imperfect covers many various topics including DIY projects, family meal plans, recipes, social media tips for business, and more!  Also on the blog you’ll find personal stories as I delve into my own life as a modern day work-from-home mum.

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About Me

Mid-thirties. Mother. Partner. Entrepreneur. Social Media Addict. Cheap Wine Drinker. Flawed. 

This is me, and I’m far from perfect.

I don’t care for high heels.  And I don’t know the first thing about contouring or how to draw my eyebrows in.  But I can cook a mean chickpea taco, create social media posts that I think are hilarious, and tell you exactly how to build a house because I saw it on a YouTube video once.

Like so many other grown-ups around the world, I struggle at adulting and fight with anxiety and depression daily.  I love long walks on the beach but as an introvert with social anxiety, I’d prefer it if the beach was empty.

As the years have passed by, my parenting style has changed a lot, while also not changing at all – oooh, complex isn’t it!  Basically, even after 4 kids and 16 yrs at this gig full time I still have no flippin’ clue how I’ve kept them happy, healthy, and alive each day.

Currently located in NSW, Australia

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