8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for those on a budget

8 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for those on a budget

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the fallback gifts tend to be what the retailers tell us are ‘the perfect gifts’ – roses, chocolates, perfume, etc. These Valentine’s Day gifts might not be an option for those on a budget.

After the holiday season, most of us are feeling the pinch moneywise. Gifts don’t have to cost a fortune to be special so let’s take a look at 8 ideas now.

Homecooked Meal

I know what you’re saying – you cook every night so how is this special. But with a few simple tweaks, you can make it special!

Bust out the fancy dinnerware, lay out the table with a centrepiece and candles, and cook dinner (and dessert!). Cook either their favourite meal, or something sentimental that will bring back memories of a first date or wedding menu for example.

As you choose the menu and ingredients, this is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for anyone needing to keep to a budget!

Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner Table Setting from Pinterest
Home cooked meals made special with table decorations. Image source: pinterest


Who even prints photos anymore, am I right? We have become so reliant on photos in the digital form, that actually printing a photograph is special again.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to how you get your photos printed. You can upload them to a site such as snapfish and have the hard copies shipped directly to you. Or head into a big box store like Kmart and use one of the photo kiosks.

Once you’ve got your photos, compile a photo album with special messages and love notes. For the creatives among us, design a beautiful framed collage using your favourite photos and a few craft embellishments.

Handmade framed photo collage for Valentine's Day made by A World Imperfect by Bec Townsend Gift for those on a budget
Framed Photo Collage I made a few years ago

Bath Salts

If you’re lucky enough to have a tub at home then bath salts are an easy DIY gift. If you don’t have a tub, then go for the feet and make a refreshing foot scrub instead.

Take a look at my own Peppermint & Lavender Foot Soak recipe HERE

Handwritten Poetry

Ok, so this might seem a bit corny but what could be sweeter than gifting someone a handwritten poem. If you can, write something original that lets the other person know how special they are.

But don’t worry if you’re not a writer! A handwritten poem (or song lyric!) will still be well received even if it’s not written by you. Find a verse that speaks to your relationship and holds meaning for you both.

A Boozy Bouquet

Flowers are great, but can you drink them? This bouquet you can!

Head to the local bottleshop and pick up a half dozen beer bottles, or mini wine/spirits bottles. Using sticks to support the bottles, arrange in a bouquet or stand in a styrofoam flower pot.

I found an easy to follow tutorial HERE

Budget friendly homemade Valentine's Day gift idea Boozey Bouquet by Hel On Heels.
Boozey Bouquet by helonheels

A Box of Favourites

Not the Favourites chocolates off the supermarket shelf though! I’m talking about a box of their favourites. If you’ve been together for a while, you should know your other half’s preferred flavours, genres, types, etc.

Wrap and line a shoebox base with some pretty paper and fill it with your loved ones favourites. Add a nice handwritten note or card and you’re onto a winner! Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Desserts! Think cake, desserts, ice cream toppings, donuts, etc
  • Books! Pick a new release from their preferred genre and add extra treats that go hand in hand with reading. Bath Salts, herbal tea, etc.
  • Candy & Chocolates! Most of us have a favourite candy from our childhood. Find a speciality candy store that stocks the old school stuff.
  • Savoury! Not everyone has a sweet tooth so if your favourite person’s favourites are potato chips, then fill a box with them.
  • Socks! Seriously. It might sound weird or boring, but coming into the colder months a box of new socks would certainly come in handy – especially if they’re our favourite brand.
  • A bit of everything! Fill a box with a selection of their favourites and I’m sure they’ll love it. It’s easy to keep within your budget for those watching their pennies too.

Be a little corny

You know the kinds of things that are so punny it’s ridiculous? They make people smile even when they think it’s kinda silly! Think Roses Are Red poems, a play on words, or using props to get your message across.

Hit up Pinterest and you’ll find a stackload of fun ideas. And the best bit it they won’t cost you a lot! Take this funny note and bag of gummy bears for example.

Valentines Day Gift Idea Funny pun present to give your loved one.
Corny is FUN! Image source: mirabirthdaymagazine.facts4you.ru

Sweet Sentimentals

Sentimental gifts – you either love them or you don’t. If you other half is a sucker for sentimental gifts then you will never be stuck for gift ideas!

  • Print out the map of the location where you first met and use it as part of a photo collage, or the front cover of a handmade card.
  • Fill a jar with handwritten notes that mean something to them, such as memories of your time together so far.
  • Make a handmade book that tells the story of your relationship.
  • Calculate how many months you’ve been together and write something cute for each month in a book or on small pieces of note paper.
  • Recreate or remember something from your first date – whether it’s the clothes they wore, the wine shared, or the song that played.

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