Create 3 New Posts For Your Social Media in 3 Easy Steps

Create 3 New Posts For Your Social Media in 3 Easy Steps

Staring at a blank computer screen while trying to come up with fresh content for your Social Media can be frustrating! I get it because I’ve found myself in this very spot many times.

There’s a never-ending pressure as a Page Owner to be clever or edgy, or create something that will wow our followers.

Often we get so stuck in a rut that we revert back to typing the same things, or even worse, we stop posting all together!

Other times we might feel pressed for time, so choose a caption that feels easy. Many business owners end up using words such as ‘great customer service or ‘lowest prices’ etc. The problem with this is that it’s the same thing everyone else has already said!

Next time you feel stuck for content, use this tip to create three new posts in only three easy steps

Step 1

Open a fresh word doc, or grab a notebook and pen. Think about 3 specific things that your business does that is different to your competition. Now write a sentence for each of those 3 things – without using the tried and tested words you’d usually use!

  • Great customer service? Think about specific examples, such as how your business offers after-hours appointments, or is a mobile service that will meet clients in their own homes.
  • Own a Cafe? Instead of saying you have good coffee, write about a family recipe or how you’re the only cafe in the area to serve a Gluten Free range of cakes.
  • Rather than claiming you have the ‘best prices’, write about your free shipping offer on orders over $30, or how your customer can save when they purchase a combo deal.
  • Swap ‘best in the business’ with “I’m qualified in x,y,z” or tell your followers how many years experience you have.

Step 2

Choose 3 photos/images that match your sentences. Go back through your camera roll and select a photo you haven’t shared yet, or simply pair each sentence with an image from Pixabay (or another stock image website that allows sharing, do NOT simply save an image from a Google Images search!). Alternatively, create 3 graphics from scratch using a program such as Canva.

Step 3

You’ve just created three separate posts to share on your Social Media page/s, now let’s share them!

Create a post using the image and sentence from Steps 1 & 2. The sentence from Step 1 is your prompt for creating the caption to accompany the image. You can extend the length of your caption by writing more at this point, or keep it short & sweet with your one sentence.

Once you’ve posted your first post, schedule the other two posts for a future time, or save the text & images somewhere you’ll find them again easily. For example, a Google Drive Folder labeled ‘Content to Share’.

Alternatively, for your Facebook Page, create the posts as you normally would but select ‘Save Draft’ – this way you’ve got a couple of posts up your sleeve ready to go the next time you’re stuck for content ideas!


You did it! You’ve successfully created 3 new posts to add to your Social Media pages. Remember this process and adapt it to other areas within your brand.

3 sentences + 3 images = 3 posts. EASY!

Need help getting started with your Facebook Business Page? Check the Resources Page for the latest eBooks, content ideas, and more. Or visit the Work With Me Page to learn about my Social Media packages.

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