Easy DIY Bedhead Makeover

Easy DIY Bedhead Makeover

In this blog, watch how I take a tired old piece of furniture and give it a makeover! In just a few easy steps, using materials I already had on hand, and only a few hours of time spent, we have a DIY Bedhead Makeover.

When we packed a few of our prized possessions into the Kombi and hit the highway at the end of 2019, we left a lot of things behind. In particular, we left behind all of the furniture!

Luckily, my sister was able to pick up a bargain from Facebook Marketplace, with someone selling an entire unit’s worth of furniture really cheap. Despite the cheap price tag, the furniture was all in really good condition, albeit very outdated.

One item was a laminate bedhead that was that beautiful shade of ‘fake timber brown’ that is reminiscent of almost every bedroom from the 70’s. The laminate had no chips though and the timber frame is sturdy enough. In fact the only problem was that it didn’t actually fit my bed (there were 4 beds in the furniture haul but in transportation the bedheads had gotten mixed up).

I decided that even though this bedhead wasn’t actually for my particular bed, I wanted it!

DIY Bedhead Makeover

Step 1.

I removed the existing metal brackets on each leg. My bed sits up against a window and wall so my theory is that I didn’t actually need the bedhead attached anyway.

DIY Bedhead Makeover A World Imperfect

Step 2.

Sand. Wearing a dust mask and safety glasses, I set about sanding the surface back using high grit sandpaper.

DIY Bedhead Makeover A World Imperfect

The idea here wasn’t to sand it back completely, but rather to rough up the surface and remove the high gloss finish on the laminate.

DIY Bedhead Makeover A World Imperfect

Step 3.

Clean. To remove the sanding dust, I wiped over every surface first with a dust brush, and then with a damp cloth.

Step 4.

Paint. I used leftover paint from a sample pot. The colour is a light grey and the paint is a water-based acrylic interior paint.

I did two coats with drying time in between. As I knew I wanted the end finish to be imperfect, the first coat was relatively thin and dried very quickly. I only did one coat on the centre pieces as I knew they’d be covered.

DIY Bedhead Makeover A World Imperfect

Step 5.

After the paint had dried, I grabbed a fine grit sandpaper and went over the edges and surfaces to create a vintage look. I didn’t take off as much paint as I perhaps normally would have, but just enough to break up the solid white paint.

Note: Usually at this point, I would have wax sealed the paint. But I didn’t have any wax on hand so this step will have to wait for another day.

Step 6.

I laid the bedhead flat on the floor for the next step. Using a decorative fabric, I cut 4 pieces that were slightly bigger than the middle sections of the bedhead. Working on one section at a time, I put a row of double-sided tape around the inside border of each section, and put a light coat of PVA glue to cover the rest of the section.

Then, starting from the row of double sided tape at the top, I smoothed the piece of fabric down over the section. Ensuring the fabric was pulled tight and completely flat, I then pressed down firmly along the taped border.

Using a very sharp craft knife, I then trimmed off the excess fabric.

Note: The fabric I used is a very light cotton and therefore this worked fine. I think for a heavier fabric I would definitely cut the fabric to size before securing. I’d also use a staple gun instead of double-sided tape.

DIY Bedhead Makeover A World Imperfect

Step 7.

That’s it! The bedhead was finished and I was absolutely stoked with how it turned out. All that was left to do was put it in place behind my bed, and then laugh at Miss 5 when she jumped in front of the camera and started posing…

DIY Bedhead Makeover Finished Product A World Imperfect
Finished DIY Bedhead Makeover A World Imperfect

What do you think of the finished bedhead? Have you completed a project like this before? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

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