Ferrero Rocher Chocolate & Wine Pineapple Gift

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate & Wine Pineapple Gift

Chocolate, wine, and gift cards are very popular gift ideas. But sometimes the packaging can seem boring or uninspired. Get creative and wow your loved ones when you gift them this fun “pineapple”!

Materials you’ll need

Materials required for Pineapple Chocolate and Wine Gift DIY Craft Idea

At the core of this pineapple is a bottle of wine/champagne. Choose a bottle that isn’t chilled yet – you don’t want condensation ruining your craft and I’m also wary of putting hot glue onto cold glass. Something tells me that might not end well.

Then you’ll need a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, or similarly wrapped chocolates in gold, yellow or light brown (think pineapple skin colours!). I was actually a little unprepared for just how many chocolates it would take to cover the bottle so if you’re shopping on a budget, do as I do and buy a mini-bar sized bottle of wine. You’ll still get the same pineapple effect, but with a smaller surface to cover you won’t need to buy so many chocolates.

For the leaves, you’ll need some green foam or card. I had some leftover glittery green craft foam and this worked perfectly for Christmas gifts. You won’t need much so it’s a good way to use leftover supplies.

Other supplies include hot glue, some nice ribbon or twine, and clear cellophane wrap. I like to include a gift card as well but again, this is optional.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate and Wine Pineapple DIY Gift idea
A little play on words for this particular gift card – a pineAPPle gift card!

Let’s make a pineapple!

First, let’s create the head of the pineapple. We want to simulate the spiky leaves that sit atop the pineapple.

To make the leaves, take rectangle-shaped pieces of card or foam and cut spiky shapes similar to the example graphic below:

Put a dab of glue at the base of the neck of the bottle and press down the starting edge of your card/foam leaves. You then want to wrap the card/foam around the neck, putting in some glue along the way to secure the leaves in place.

You can use one long length of card/foam, or cut into smaller pieces and create the pineapple head in stages – whatever you find easiest to handle. As long as it ends up looking like a pineapple crown then you’re on the right path!

Now it’s time to create your pineapple body

Keeping the Ferrero Rochers wrapped and in their cases, glue each one to the bottle. Start from the base and work your way up until you are close to the neck of the bottle. Keep space between your chocolates and the leaves as we’re going to tie ribbon here soon.

This part is quicker and easier using a heat gun – but keep in mind that you’re working with chocolate so you want to allow the glue to cool ever so slightly to avoid any possible melted chocolate disasters.

It’s wrapping time!

Once you’ve covered the bottle and your pineapple leaves are standing proud – you’re pretty much done! EASY right?!

Now for some finishing touches. Wrapping your pineapple body will keep the chocolates from falling off, as well as making it look more gift-like.

Cut down some clear cellophane to a size that will allow you to cover the bottle, but only up to the neck – we don’t want to cover the leaves. Place the bottle in the centre of the cellophane and gather up the edges to meet at the base of your leaves.

NOTE: If you’re giving a gift card with your pineapple, place this underneath the bottle inside the cellophane. This will keep it secure!

Secure your wrapping with tape but don’t fuss too much over neatness here. Cellophane is pretty forgiving when it comes to scrunches and folds, plus we’re going to cover this bit up soon!

Take some ribbon or twine and wrap it a few times around the base of the bottle neck (where the leaves and cellophane meet). You can easily add a little tag or greeting card here.

You’re done!

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate & Wine Pineapple DIY Gift Craft Idea

Have you made one of these Pineapple Gifts before? I’d love to hear about it, please drop a comment below!

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