Peace Love Dub Cut Files

Peace Love Dub Cut Files

My Peace Love Dub design is available as cut files in the shop now. Already proving to be a popular design, it’s definitely one for the Kombi lovers! Let’s take a look at the HTV cutting and pressing process for Peace Love Dub.

Peace Love Dub

The Peace Love design is a popular one and you’ll find variations all over the crafting & design world. The common peace love dub design you’ll find has a peace sign icon and the VW logo. It looks great of course, but I wanted to give it my own twist!

My Peace Love Dub design features the peace sign hand instead of the icon. And rather than a logo, I’ve got the whole bus!

Designed initially in Inkscape and finished in Adobe Illustrator, this image is available in my store (both here and in Etsy) for crafters to download.

Peace Love Dub Cut Files

Download and Import

The first step is to download the cut file. Then open your software of choice – I use Silhouette Studio as I own a Curio machine. My free (& outdated) software doesn’t always agree with DXF file formats and I usually import the PNG version. To get the cut lines I then use the tracing tool. Check out my previous blog about this very topic HERE.

Cut the Design

Once you have the cut lines, you’re ready to start setting up the cut settings.

IMPORTANT: If using HTV remember to mirror your design! To do this, highlight the design, go to OBJECT on the top menu bar, then MIRROR, and select FLIP HORIZONTALLY.

In the SEND screen, set up your cut settings that match your material and your machine. I use a Silhouette Curio, and had a piece of Stahls Metallic HTV. My settings as follows:

Blade Depth 3
Force 33
Speed 5
Passes 2 (The default setting is for a single pass, but I always do a double pass as it makes weeding easier)

Peace Love Dub Cut Files

HTV needs to be placed on the mat shiny side down as the cut is made from the back of the vinyl – that’s why we always mirror for HTV. Adhesive vinyl is loaded face up.

Peace Love Dub Cut Files Stahls Metallic HTV


Peace Love Dub Cut Files Weed your design

Once your machine has finished cutting, unload your machine and grab your weeding tool of choice. When I first started out I didn’t have a weeding tool. I found a seam ripper worked brilliantly!

Nowadays, I use a Cricut brand weeding tool purchased from my local Spotlight store.

Peace Love Dub Cut Files Weed your HTV design


Now that your design has been weeded, it’s time to finish your project. For adhesive vinyl, you can stick your decal straight to your item of choice (ie, car window, timber, decorative plate, etc).

I was using HTV designed to be heat pressed onto fabric. A quick rifle through my craft stash had resulted in a plain calico tote bag.

Peace Love Dub Cut Files. Getting ready to press your design

After double checking that my design was right for the item, I sat it aside and grabbed a lint roller to remove any bits of fluff from the bag. I then gave it a light press to remove some of the large creases.

No description available.

As I’m mostly a hobbyist, I haven’t brought a large heat press yet. Instead I rely on my Cricut EasyPress 2 to get the job done. As a hand held press it’s important you create a firm base to press on.

I found a large random piece of marble that was left behind in the kitchen by the previous owners. It was the perfect size and creates a solid, completely flat base. I have a handtowel placed over the marble.

I consulted Google for the correct heat settings for the Stahls metallic HTV and set up my EasyPress. After positioning the design on the bag, I covered it with a piece of baking paper. I have scorched fabric before so always use baking paper when pressing now.

Peace Love Dub Cut Files.  HTV Design pressed to a calico bag using metallic htv and Cricut EasyPress 2


For metallic HTV you want a cold peel. This means after pressing, you want to wait until the design has cooled down before you remove the clear carrier sheet.

I find the best way to peel is to hold the fabric firm with one hand. With the other hand, peel back the clear carrier sheet slowly, pulling across rather than up. As you peel, look for any areas that may not have adhered.

Once peeled, I usually place the baking paper back on my design and press firmly again for another 5-10 seconds.

Peace Love Dub Design printed onto a calico bag using metallic HTV.

One Cut, Two Items

As HTV can be costly when you start looking at patterns, metallic, and glitters, I’m always a bit sad when throwing out the weeded pieces. It always feels wasteful!

As I was weeding this project though I had a brainwave!

Rather than throwing everything out straight away, I kept the weeded bits of HTV on my desk. Using the carrier sheet from the initial press, I ‘rebuilt’ the design using the weeded pieces from the hand, heart, and bus. The carrier sheet was marked during the cutting process so I was able to place the htv back on, shiny side down.

I found a T-Shirt in my stash and pressed a second Peace Love Dub design!

Peace Love Dub pressed onto a black tshirt using blue metallic HTV. One for the kombi lovers!

From one cut, I was able to make two items – while also cutting down on how much HTV I threw in the bin. How cool is that!

I love my new shirt and bag and it just makes me love the Peace Love Dub cut files even more!

Peace Love Dub. Items made using the Peace Love Dub Cut Files from A World Imperfect.  One for the kombi lovers!

What do you think of the Peace Love Dub design? Have you purchased this download? Make sure you share your finished items with me on Social Media as I’d LOVE to see them!

Looking for more cut files? Take a look at what’s on offer in the A World Imperfect store HERE.

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