Pie Maker Breakfast Pies

Pie Maker Breakfast Pies

Bust out the pie maker for these quick and easy breakfast pies!

With only 3 ingredients – egg, bacon, cheese – the mini pies are delicious as they are, or make a great base to create your own yummy recipes.

I own the Kmart Pie Maker and the following instructions is how I make these brekky pies. You may find your methods/quantities to be different than mine.

Bacon & Egg Breakfast Pies

Turn on your pie maker so it can start warming up.

In a bowl, whisk up a few eggs. As a general rule I go with one egg per pie for working out my quantity. Having said that though, use less eggs if you’re adding more ingredients. The ingredients used will beef up your pies and you’ll need less egg mix – make sense?

Dice up two rashers of bacon and throw it into the bowl with the egg mix. You can add a splash of milk here if you want to (I sometimes do).

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By now your pie maker should be ready to rock and roll. Open it up and pour in the egg mixture until it’s just under the top of the pie dish, but be careful not to overfill.

Before closing the pie maker lid, plonk some grated cheese on top of the egg mix. You’ll know now why I said to avoid overfilling the egg mix!

Now simply close the lid and wait about 8-10 minutes. The pies will expand, the cheese will melt, and your kitchen will start smelling delicious!

When it looks like the pies are cooked (I give one a little poke in the middle to make sure the egg isn’t still runny), pop them onto a plate and serve.

How easy was that!

Do you own a pie maker? What’s your favourite recipe to cook in the pie maker? I’d love to hear it, please leave a comment below!

If you like simple cooking then you might like my recipe for slow cooked pulled pork. You can read it HERE.

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