Swap out the ingredients!

Swap out the ingredients!

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who follow a cooking recipe to the letter, and those who wander off script and ‘wing it’.

I’m definitely the latter.

Yesterday I wanted to cook a pulled pork. I opened the first recipe that Google presented me and straight away realised I didn’t have the ingredients. But rather than continue looking for a recipe with exactly the right ingredients, I set about finding the alternatives.

No red wine vinegar? Not a problem, apple cider vinegar will do.
Curry powder replaced the chilli powder.
I didn’t have garlic powder, but I have a stash of garlic bulbs ready for crushing.

And so I went on, replacing and adjusting the recipe and essentially creating my own variation of Pulled Pork. (You can find my version here)

A few years ago, I wanted to make a fruit cake. The recipe called for orange juice, which I didn’t have. But I did have some mandarin cordial, surely that’d do right? The result was one of the best cakes I’ve ever made.

And speaking of cakes, did you know that you can substitute eggs out with white vinegar? Pretty cool hey!

What I’ve found is that this approach to cooking is also how I tend to approach most things in my life. When faced with a hurdle, my first reaction might well be one of slight dejection, but that’s quickly followed with my brain jumping into strategy mode of ‘What’s the alternative?’.

It’s this approach that has made for some epic learning-from-my-mistakes moments that I would have other missed completely had I just given up.

I had never even seen a Kombi Photobooth before Adam & I set about designing, setting up, and subsequently running a Kombi Photobooth business for 18mths. We had no experience, no industry contacts, and not a lot of money. We were missing some key ingredients.

Adam said “No way”, I said “Yes way”.

We spent 5 months of researching, making mistakes, buying too many props (ok, that one was me), and finding alternatives to traditional booth equipment that would fit inside the limited space. If I had just left it when Adam said “Never run a booth before so why would you want to do it now?” then we both would have missed out on that whole experience. (and we would never have learned just how terribly we work together! haha. Yep, not all learning experiences are good ones)

My message to you today is, next time you are faced with a situation where you don’t feel like you have the right ‘ingredients’, before you walk out of the proverbial kitchen think about what you can swap! You might find you’ve got the right stuff after all!

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