Whole roast butternut cooked in the campfire

Whole roast butternut cooked in the campfire

Just like a jacket potato, you can cook a whole roast butternut pumpkin in the campfire. And the result is delicious!

Recently, my brother-in-law constructed us a pretty awesome fire pit. Already it’s been given a workout, and when I mentioned that I’d never cooked with a camp oven, both him and my sister sprung into action.

A chuck of lamb was purchased, the onions were sliced, and the fire was lit. Once the fire had burned out to a point where we had some good looking coals, it was time to get the roast lamb cooking.

Into a smaller fire pit, Mick transferred over some of the hot coals. Then placed the camp oven on top, before adding some more coals to the top of the camp oven.

With the roast lamb cooking nicely, I headed back to the kitchen to start prepping some veggies.

You can’t have a campfire dinner without jacket potatoes right?

To get the spuds ready, I first put them into the microwave for around 7 minutes. This step cuts down on the cooking time drastically.

On pieces of foil, place the par-cooked potato and top with a dob of butter, and seasoning as desired. I also added parmesan cheese and minced garlic. If you’re feeling extra fancy, make it a stuffed spud with diced onion and bacon! YUM!

Wrap the potato in the foil tightly and set aside while you prepare and wrap the rest of the spuds. They are now ready to be placed onto the hot coals, beside the camp oven.

Whole butternut pumpkin

As I was preparing the potatoes, I wondered if the same principal could be applied to some pumpkin – in particular a butternut pumpkin pulled fresh out of our garden!

I was about to find out if a roast butternut pumpkin could be achieved on the campfire…

I cut the butternut in half lengthways and scooped out the seeds.

In the cavity created by scooping out the seeds, I placed a spoonful of minced garlic and some butter. Then I sprinkled over mixed herbs, salt, and pepper.

I then put the two pumpkin halves back together and wrapped tightly in foil, before putting it onto the hot coals with the spuds and the camp oven.

Grubs Up!

The lamb was ready first and smelt amazing! It was was taken off the coals and set aside to rest while we waited for the potatoes and pumpkin to finish.

The pumpkin took approximately one hour.

The skin had a beautiful caramelised flavour, while the inside was soft and delicious! The butter, garlic, and herbs had flavoured the entire pumpkin.

Roasting a pumpkin this way is easy, and definitely something we’ll continue doing every time the fire pit is lit.

What is your favourite food to cook on an open fire? Leave a comment below and let me know!

I think the next time we crank up the fire pit, I’ll be using the camp oven to make my Slow Cooked Pulled Pork recipe! If you love pulled pork too, check out the recipe HERE.

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Whole Roast Butternut Pumpkin Campfire Pinterest Pin
Whole Roast Butternut Pumpkin Campfire Pinterest Pin

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