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I’m not going to sit here and try to blind you with stories about how I’m the best at what I do, or the most experienced in the industry, yada yada yada…

That’s not how I roll.

Everything I’ve learnt has been by spending far too long in front of YouTube, listening in to what other people are talking about at networking events, and researching the shit out of everything I do. And I do it. I have built websites from scratch, started Facebook Pages & Groups, posted on Instagram and experimented with hashtags, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes to learn what I know now.

Work with Bec Townsend Social Media Content Creator

I see Social Media as a tool to be used for connecting with your audience, starting discusses and building trust with potential customers. I see so many great brands who are forgetting the ‘social’ aspect of these platforms, posting nothing but selling and advertising then wondering why they aren’t gaining traction.

Websites are a valuable, yet often underused, piece of your online brand toolkit and yet I see so many sitting unfinished, unpolished, half edited, or completely forgotten!  Let me help shake things up, get you back on track, and heading in the right direction towards improving your long term digital marketing results.

I keep it real and I’ll be upfront with you about what I see. I love working with proactive business owners who are keen to sink their teeth into growing their brand and attracting an engaged audience. I especially love helping small business owners who are early in their journey and watching them transfer from start-up-caterpillar to business-savvy-butterfly!

What do I do?

First of all, I don’t label myself as a “coach”.  I guess I’m more of a cheerleader, advisor, consultant, etc.  Essentially what this means is I’m a terrible teacher, but I’m a brilliant support staffer and chief problem solver!  I will listen to your concerns and brainstorm ideas with you, based on where you’re at in that current moment, that will help you step towards where you’re trying to go. 

I want to see your confidence grow as you take control of your social media presence, and I’m excited to see your brand awareness flourish with you at the helm!

Social Media

I love Social Media and currently oversee several clients’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I create content, schedule posts, and assist with all aspects of their social media with the sole purpose of increasing engagement and interaction with followers.

My true passion though is to work with and provide affordable solutions for those who want to DIY their own online presence, or who cannot afford to outsource this role yet.  I pass along information based on what has worked for me, what has worked for other people, and what hasn’t!

Blogs, Free Resources and Low-Cost eBooks
For those who are self-starters and love to work at their own pace, you’ll find some great information scattered throughout the website that will help you.  I write blog articles on common social media issues, design free printables, and publish downloadable eBooks.

Social Media Audit (aka Pick It To Pieces Social Media)
I give you a full report on how your Social Media comes across to your audience.  I give advice on how to improve your engagement, plus pick up on any areas of your profile that might be letting the team down.

Social Media Virtual Assistance
Need some hands-on help with your socials? Get in touch and we’ll work together on a monthly ongoing package based on your requirements.  Tasks include creating content, scheduling, designing graphics, updating profiles, setting up new accounts, and more!


I have a very strong knowledge of building Weebly websites and could whip you up a basic website on that platform within the hour. I can also create websites on all the other drag’n’drop platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, etc. I now mostly build using WordPress.

However, what I really love is to encourage and support the DIY-er! If you have built your own website but are feeling stuck, or need some advice, that’s when I swoop in and save the day with my Pick It To Pieces Website evaluation package. Let’s get you on the way to a website that looks, feels, and functions as it should!

Design & Content

I love designing and creating! Give me a yell if you require basic graphic design tasks such as printables, social media posts or cover photos, logo & branding, content creation, editing, and more!

888’s Content for Socials Package
Done for you, branded content, ready for you to post to your Facebook and/or Instagram.

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